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What Is A Traffic Co-Op aka TE Coop?

Well, traffic coops take their form in many ways, for example, a banner exchange would be considered a traffic coop. But more often than not a traffic coop is a central site that people pay or earn credits from in order to gain traffic from all over the internet to the sites they submit to the coop.

Now, these central sites generally provide each member with a unique URL (Example Coop URL) that they can use to show other people. when other people visit this special URL. the person that showed it to them earns a credit. This credit is in turn used to show the person's site in the special link of others.  I wrote a post that goes into more detail about traffic coops, speficically auto and manual traffic exchange co-ops!

The long and short of it is Traffic Coops generally have a URL rotator that rotates its member's sites provided the member has credits allocated to it. this creates a large network of hits to a person's sites traffic they wouldn't be able to get from so many different sources on their own with such minimal effort and expense.

My Favorite Traffic Coop's

Try These Banner Exchange Co-Ops!

As i was saying above you could and many do consider banner exchange as good as a coop. i wrote a post on why banner exchanges could potential be better than traffic exchanges and why people need to start implementing them into their advertising toolbox. Read the full article about banner exchanges

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