Forums, Traffic, Backlinks Whats The Deal?

Share forums, and how to use them to advertise in. We all know forums are not dead. the thing is it's just the big content contributors have moved on and a new generation of internet users dawned and they were lazy and it's made us all lazy. however, forums are still an awesome way to promote. discuss how to do just that here.
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Forums, Traffic, Backlinks Whats The Deal?

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Today I want to talk about forums, using them to get free traffic, what it takes to do so, and how you could be crushing it with forums with very little effort. It should be no surprise that forums get their bad name from the fact most forums have short simple chat-like messages back and forth never really answering any particular question. what's worse is the answers are from so many authors it's hard For Google To Establish trust and authority.

But there is a way to get value from a forum, and yes it involves all the old tricks such as signatures, and showing interest in the community and participating. But there is one key thing everyone doesn't do.

& That's write cracking killer posts as a real blogger would.

It's when you use the forum editor as if it was your own website and it was a WordPress blog. Then you create amazing content right, it will help people and answer questions and totally cover the niche topic you are talking about.

When you use a forum like this and you pepper a few links through the post so people can get more info or buy a product. That's when the magic starts happening.

For some reason, people think they just go to a forum write a poxy half ass 3 lined post about some random thing, and that's going to make people visit their site and think for some reason that's going to be a solid backlink.

Here's how to make a solid backlink in a forum

Look forums work, but you got to write a kick-ass post "blog style" on the forum, well researched, highly reader-friendly, linking to this and linking to that. It needs to be 1500 + ish words, needs images, needs a fricken sick as balls title that rips the google user into the post just on a title, It needs to answer questions guys, can't say this enough your content needs to answer questions.

Once you do that even if you just wrote a post with no links and only had a link in your Sig that alone would be a winning forum backlink combo.

Long-form content, well research, readability tested, Question-based posts, pics, job done.

Forums work if you do.
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