Can You Make money Selling Traffic Exchange Traffic?

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Can You Make money Selling Traffic Exchange Traffic?

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Not many people know that it's possible to sell traffic exchange accumulated credits. While most traffic exchanges frown upon this. The sites I run stand by the principle of you earnt the credits viewing websites so you are allowed to do with them as you please.

So today I'm going to explain how you can turn your traffic exchange credits using the sites I suggest into cash. It's all going to make much more sense as you read the post so get a cuppa and sit down cause I'm going to show you a nice little trick no one wants you to know.

Breaking It Down Brief Summary

here's the score, you won't be able to do this at all traffic exchanges most will ban you if they catch you. but at my traffic exchanges, it's more than fine. in fact, I encourage you to make a living I am doing the same.

Basically, I'm going to walk you through step by step of this process to turning your banked credits into cash. For the savvy people out there who don't want to read a how-to blog post. Here's the short version.

You basically register & surf these sites or buy Advertising packs for cheap.
You then use the credits to fulfill traffic orders on firverr. Simply create a gig make a nice picture, some copy saying you will deliver steady hits to a page/website/URL.

You can also try eBay, classified ads, and pretty much any way you can think to sell bulk credits.

Do this enough times and you can earn quite a nice little side income. This is great if you don't own a website. It's perfect for newbies looking for a good opportunity.

Why Do Traffic Exchange Admins Frown On This?

Some exchange admins believe that if you bank credits and sell them you are effectively undercutting them, making them lose cash. I don't see it this way. I look at it like this. You earned something and now you're selling it. It's called business and who am I to tell you you can't sell something that belongs to you.

Ok so now you have the basics lets set it all up and make it happen.

Registering your traffic exchange accounts

There is not really much to this simply join the websites listed above, confirm your email, and then login. after this, you will need to surf so just click the surf now & or earn credits. click and view websites until you have banked enough exchange credits. ultimately you can buy our credits cheap and sell them high.

we don't make you set up a percentage of credits to be spent on a site automatically and you don't need to have a website to use our site. There is an option to set auto credits and you can turn it off. it actually won't even activate unless you have a website active.

So in reality you log in daily and surf websites to earn credits to bank. Step one done! now on to step 2

Selling Your Banked Credits For Cash

Like I was saying above there are a few ways you can go about this and it's really up to you. but Fiverr is pretty good for this sort of thing and selling bulk credits and views with the right splash page can work well on classified ad sites.

Here's a list of sites I recommend you check out first. Then maybe try looking for other alternatives, get creative.
And any other traffic exchange besides the ones listed above.

Crafting Your Ad & Copy

You can write whatever you like but generally, something like below is a good starting point


Code: Select all

Bulk Traffic $X.XX A Year For X Hits

Code: Select all

Consistent Traffic! 
Flowing To YOUR Website all year round 
for a low one-time Fee of $X.XX 
This, as I said, is a good starting point. You should really put your own flare and words into this stage, as ultimately it's your business.

Creating A Splash/Sales Page

If you decided to use fiverr or eBay it's a whole different ball game, they just get you to fill in the blanks. But for most other methods such as classified ad sites and Facebook groups. You're going to need a landing page or sales page.

You can go about this a few ways but today let's just cut through it all and use EasyHits4U Register an account over there. While you CAN'T do our trick over there with their service. They do provide free members with a splash page builder that's going to be perfect for YOU right now.

You simply design a very nice splash page using ad copy like above.

have a purchase now button on there using the PayPal button links or payme URL.

Make buttons here:

You only need the email button link, don't bother with all the code. just make the button on the splash page clickable

Something like this:

Code: Select all

<a href="" target="_blank" title="buy now">
<img src="" alt="purchase now on what ever payment processor you like">
Now save the splash page and copy the URL. You will need the URL for your ad copy, and links in other TE's.

Whats Next?

That's it get surfing, banking credits. join other traffic exchanges and surf there so you can now promote your new business.

It's my pleasure to work with you.

Leave your feedback in the replies ask questions what ever you need im here and ready to help.
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