Positive Mindsets - Updates, New Car, Mindset Shift

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Positive Mindsets - Updates, New Car, Mindset Shift

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Looking back over the last year it's been a very crazy busy and fulfilling time. While still managing like everyone else with the global pandemic.

It's a wonderful thing time, it really allows you to think about things and consider other opportunities. For me and the wife, we are going off-grid in a caravan for a year.

This pandemic has shown us what's really important, and with the power of the internet and mobile data, I can still run all my businesses from the comfort of the road and my new truck lol I love my truck.

Read about my truck in my 4WD Forum - https://4wdnexus.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2&p=21#p21

This lifestyle and entrepreneurship are much more than money, it's freedom, and while I'm not at all rich in fact I'm far from it. I still have the right mind to be able to always look for a balance.

Anyway getting off topic.

I feel this online game is a waiting game, and sadly a lot of the time we are all just spinning our wheels. However, there are ways we can all change it.

Joining this forum is one, and pretty much any forum you can find in your niche will be a good starting point. having a community you can ask questions is super helpful and is what most people are paying huge dollars for, some private facebook or website community forum.

Anyway think the motto of this post is slow down, breathe Don't Panic :)

have a great day everyone.
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