So what is Top Ad Coop Forum And Why Should I Use It

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So what is Top Ad Coop Forum And Why Should I Use It

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I wanted to take a minute and talk about Top Ad Coop, I want to explain why I created it and why it's worth your time using it. I plan to do all this, in this post; so make a coffee and continue reading.

Well it all started in mid 2020, more and more people where flooding online and i remembered what i was like 15 years ago entering this business (totally overwhelmed). I wanted to provide an awesome way for people to engage with one another and network in a friendly environment.

I wanted to allow active members to provide me with their ref links to community agreed upon advertisements, and have each members ref link rotated within the ad space on the site. Essentially allowing members of the forum the ability to get credit for the ads each page load or article post visit. encouraging people to write content and contribute to the content creation of the forum.

I wanted to network all my traffic generation sites i run into this forum, allowing my members from all my websites to join and get special bonuses in the forum. Thus allowing my clients to get even more from my network.

That's one reason why we added the referral feature with ref comps. its a good way to build your network, and make money here on Top Ad Coop. The beauty with referring people here on TAC is they become your friends, then you can Private Message them or chat with them, and YES even promote to them so its like building a mailing list by 100% free and it still can be utilised in a similar way.

I wanted to add unique games to pass the time so we added Brand puzzle

I wanted to provide a place for people to advertise for free
While this forums focus is FREE advertising it's more Online Advertising Education, how, Why, Where, Who, What, When Etc. So please don't think this forum is a spam box because it's not we heavily moderate this forum and anything spammy is removed pretty fast.

I whole heartedly believe forums never died, I believe people just got lazy and didn't want to write quality content on someone else's blog or website for free. However, I have proven that if you write good quality content on any website it will rank so long as that website hasn't been flagged in anyway by the serp.

Of course forums are not new so i was not reinventing the wheel, just repairing a broken one with some love, dedication and my own personal Touch. I never planed for this forum to be massive but i did plan on it sticking around for a longtime.

Currently I generate thousands of hits and quality visitor leads to my other websites from posts i've written in this forum. If you look around the forum at some of the views on posts i've written you will clearly see my content is being ranked in search and thousands of people are reading my posts.

You can have the same.
TAC is a community of advertisers helping other advertisers market their offers better. Sharing knowledge Scripts and advice so we all make more money.
It's not something for everyone but the people that do join never regret it, it's a FREE life long Advertisers Guild and we get big results at no cost to you except a few forum posts that are made with the intent of providing quality content to others.

Sign Up Today! can't wait to get to know you.
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