I love Forums They are still so good

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I love Forums They are still so good

Unread post by Randell »

It's funny you know, i love forums, they are a great place to leave notes and talk with others, good resource of knowledge. i learnt pretty much everything i know about the online world from forums.

They still have a purpose, i myself go through stages i post for a few weeks in a forum then disappear for a few.

However i notice my posts in the forums always get me traffic you only have to view post views on some of my posts here on TAC.

I stand by forums they can really help your brand and business. besides that you can make great friends and learn lots.

They are not for everyone though, but the ones that do use forums always get to enjoy the benefits. Take TAC for example you can win monthly cash prizes for referring friends.

You can advertise your business and join our community coop rotators, URL & Banner.

Build loads of long lasting website traffic on a heavily moderated and spam free forum.

Networking is highly encouraged here, this is an advertising coop forum and we all work together.

but i digress, im just happy to be back on the forums :)

how is everyone going today?
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