Are you falling for Copyright Infringing Websites

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Are you falling for Copyright Infringing Websites

Unread post by Randell »

G'day guys, look I've been seeing this more and more lately and it's starting to drive me crazy.

Lots of websites using stolen content and logos & trademarks. while personally, I don't give to hoots what others do, ultimately it's them that's going to pay millions when they finally get slammed.

So what am I talking about

Here are a couple of examples of sites you should be wary of and why promoting your business using these services could damage your reputation.
Check duff bux logo tell me duff man ain't trademarked.


smurfsurfingte.comThis one is same as like almost identical none the less still copyright infrigment.

This is prob the worst one has so many trademarks all over the page, but I only need to show you it's header these guys are not even trying to hide it, their theft is right above the fold.


Edit: This site recently got a new design prob because the last one smacked you in your face with a stolen trademark. seems they just couldn't leave them off in the new design see pic below

The other funny thing about testified surf, is it seems stealing one tweety bird trademark wasn't enough so they thought they would use the Twitter bird all over their website two. You just can't make this stuff up, But some people will just choose to run the gauntlet.


This site is owned by the admin of tweetified surf so clearly infringing on trademarks is not a once-off. seems they have at least 2 sites breaking the law. TAZ devil is trademarked to warner bros. and these guys don't normally ask nicely first. yes, this admin truly is :crazy:


There are others I'll add them as I locate the links. I never bother with these sites nor do I save URLs but these above to are more recent.

Look, it's pretty simple. these are both trademarks And while trademarks may have lapsed or may not have, the point of this is, if you're using advertising services that are clearly infringing on trademarks how do you think people will see your business.

When I see this stuff I block it and sit there for 10 minutes scratching my head and thinking why would they. Courts a funny old thing, you see if you used the name for any other reason maybe the penalties wouldn't be so harsh but using the reputation of a company, it's trademarks and it's logos to gain an advantage or boost your business is gonna be considered pretty bad by any court standard and no advertising site using these trademarks and logos is doing it just because they like duff or smurfs.

It's to get people to join and use their service, by creating a safe place and using familiar characters and avatars we know and love.

It's illegal anyway you look at it. here's what the smurfs have to say about you using their trademarks and logos and it's not just smurfs that have these Intellectual property rights any major product even book titles have them and using them without permission can land you in hot water.

Intellectual property rights
7.1. The Site, its presentation, its content as well as any other editorial or graphic material, photos, illustrations, videos, animations, softwares, music, sounds, banners, advertisements, logos and registered trademarks (hereafter collectively referred to as “the original material”) are protected by the international laws and conventions in force relating to copyrights and neighboring rights. All of the drawings, texts, characters, objects, and symbols reproduced on the Site are, unless indicated to the contrary, extracted from the work of Peyo and the property of Studio Peyo SA.

All I have to say is if a webmaster that's providing advertising to business owners is using a stolen trademark and has zero remorse, what do you think they will do with your DATA?

If your information hasn't already been sold id be surprised.

My advice to people is to stop following, be a wolf leading the pack. Stop using scammy stolen trademarked sites, regardless of the special offer they have going. Your business & ultimately YOU will be associated with the scam when the judge's hammer bangs the gavel. Do Not Refer Others to these programs or you might be considered an accessory.

Play it safe, if it's not legit, it's just not legit move on. There plenty of other services out there, who cares that on a Wednesday they give you a bonus to surf ratio, who cares that team surfing boosts are crazy.

Ultimately you're going to get burnt but hey it's your life do as you like but don't say I didn't warn you.

BTW I'm going to add every website I find advertising or other that is doing this right here to this thread so you guys know what sites are not following the law.
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