Yibbida Way Stations Are So Powerful They Should Be Banned!

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Yibbida Way Stations Are So Powerful They Should Be Banned!

Unread post by Randell »


Yibbida Is a 1:1 manual and auto traffic exchange with built in coop, banner and text ad exchange. However today i want to talk all about it's way station feature, that seems to really offer an exceptional opportunity for savvy marketers.

I've been a member at Yibbida for 8 years and i love it.
Especially The Way Station Feature.
You Can Try This Awesome Feature Out For Peanuts.
1 Affordable Upgrade An You can be taking advantage of the
Way Station feature, this is great, it allows you to
show 3+ pages in a row to other surfers,

This is powerful for blogs, but great
if you want to create a multi stage splash page message


page 1:

Check this great offer out
price $24.95

Page 2:

So you didn't like that
how about 30% discount

Page 3:

Ok ok this is my last offer 50% off and i'll throw in these bonuses.

This is just an example but you can see how powerful this is.

Either way just having 3 of your offers in front of surfers one after the other
gives you the power to tell a story & This really drives up engagement.

Best of all you can unlock this feature for like $2.50 a month.

Please take a look in the Yibbida Shop.

You can register here to take advantage of the awesome long time running traffic generating system.
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