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Need questions answered?

Unread post by Randell »

Hey, just wanted to share with everyone, I own this great questions and answer site it's kinda like quora and stack exchange but you can post anonymously.

You can ask anything you like on niche questions.

Niche Questions has points, Ranking System, Profiles, & it is Its own little micro-community in its own right. Become a member and move up the ranks to Newbie, Leader, Elite & On to Question & Answer Master.

Q&A Master - 5,000,000.00

more ranks coming!

Elite - 1,000,000 points

more ranks coming!

Leader - 50,000 points
Frequent Poster - 25000 points
New Local - 15000 points
Adventurous - 5000 points
Action Seeker - 1000 points
Go Getter - 500 points
Beginner - 100 points
Newbie - 10 points

You can ask Questions Anon or Sign up and make an account and start earning thoughts points. The more points the more answer the more Authority you get on the site, like the ability to mute edit remove other member's posts.

The community is community-run and I really don't have to moderate much. That's just one nice bonus of The members are pretty much in charge.

So If you think you know stuff, or have been told you're a know it all well here's possibly the only place your annoying habit will be embraced and you'll finally get the respect you have been looking for :)

Sign up today and become an authority expert in your niche.

Leave your feedback about my site right here in this forum id like to know what you guys think.
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