HVCO What Is It? Why Does It Help Convert?

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HVCO What Is It? Why Does It Help Convert?

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G'day community, today I want to talk about HVCO's What they are and why having one is worth it.

Well, unless you don't like leads for your business.

An HVCO stands for High Value Content Offer.

And basically what this is; is a content offer to someone so they join your list and become a lead for your business.

(a content offer could be, ebook, software, free pdf report, case studies, articles, you name it. More often than not it's an ebook.)

A standard and quite common HVCO is a small ebook or free report. both still convert quite well.

You really need to pinpoint your niches most deepest desires and answer the question for free. When they join your list, You then need to follow through and provide them with your HVCO that solves their problems.

Without an HVCO your shooting in the Breeze. It's hit and miss if you get leads. The high-Value Content Offer Hones In On Your Target Client/Customer And Reels Them In.

If You're Not Using HVCO's in your email marketing to get more leads you really need to start the increase in leads will blow you away.

I'll leave it here for the community to have their say on HVCO's and how they are implementing them in their email marketing and lead gen campaigns
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