How to Write Lead Sucking Commission Crushing Headlines With Ease

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How to Write Lead Sucking Commission Crushing Headlines With Ease

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How to Write Lead Sucking Commission Crushing Headlines With Ease, Well it's really simple my friends and today I'm going to explain how I write killer Headlines that suck in leads like a vacuum.

Creating killer headlines is such an important feature of your Ad Copy and many people fall short of the mark. I think it's because of one main shortfall or a tiny bit of info they don't have and here it is.

The Idea behind the headline is to get the click you will never sell anything from the ad, the ad's only value to you is to get the click. So your headlines need to be clickable. When I say clickable I don't mean clickbait.

Here's an example...

-Shop Online Buy Icecream - My Great Site Sells Icecream

This ad above is boring plain and while it says what you do what makes it eye-catching? Nothing.

Here's how I would word it and try to see what I'm doing here.

Velvety Smooth Dairy milk Icecream Made With Centries Old Recipe,

Here's another Example.

Safe camping ideas for women

while this is good it's still boring...

Here's how id do it.

Breaking News: Women Agree, Don't Go Camping Before Reading This!

Position content as a news article is very powerful and so long as you deliver on that promise, breaking news headlines get clicks.

You need to add power and intrigue to a headline with just enough hype, Without the headline becoming a hype-filled string of nonsense.

It is hard sometimes depending on the niche but once you practice and track what's working and what's not you will get more of an idea for it.

While this post is not an all-inclusive tutorial on writing killer headlines it does give you something to think about. maybe someone else from the community can tell us how they write their headlines or elaborate on this post.

I'll add more here about this topic.
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