How to create Banner Images For Banner Exchanges

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How to create Banner Images For Banner Exchanges

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G'day today i want to show you how you can create stunning banner images for your promotions using a bunch of free services.

I create and have created all my own promotional material for years and its really quite simple. I use a bunch of free services and i even make money selling my services.

You can too and regardless if you want to sell design services knowing where and how to create banner images for your own affiliate offers and the like is a huge money saver.

But first of all

here's why you should always create your own banners for any program your trying to promote.

It's so important if your promoting any affiliate offer other than your own that you always create your own custom set of banners even if all you do is add a image of your head with a transparent background, to stock affiliate banners.

Branding, for one, if you choose to use your head but that's not really why it's important. Creating your own images makes your banners look different and possible more clickable.

I'll spare you a big rant about why i think its important and just say i honestly feel its super important to be creative and i can guarantee the banners that are standard for most affiliate offers are not split tested and have not had any great amount of statistical data gather on them in regards to click thru rates and conversion %.

So if I'm right it means creating your own banner images will give you an edge over everyone else. if you get it right.

Where can you make free banner images?

There is this awesome site called

it will allow you to make pretty much any banner you can dream and its free for the most part, ive never needed to upgrade yet.

however, as a free member of canva you cant have transparent backgrounds. You can important images with one and it will be find you just cant make the end product have one this has been a bit of a set back with it's free version.

I can sometimes 90% of the time get around this being tricky and using a site called

these two sites have helped me make all my banner graphics for sites like share my ads banner exchange & many many others.

But Randell How Do I Make Banners ?

log into canva and create a design



You then add the size banner you want using PX sizing.


In my example i'll use 728 x 90 and just notice than canava will give me suggestions for banner designs some times more often than not they have some awesome designs and i just edit them slightly and get great results. Canva knows what good design looks like and you can learn a lot about design watching there automated suggestions.


You can always drag and drop and add text change colors animations, videos gifs and so much more. canva is my playground and its free.

Sidenote this is not an affiliate offer i just like them very much.

Also If your wanting to use these images once you download them, in there .png/.jpg/.gif format your going to want to host them using https in order for them to work correctly in almost all banner exchanges these days.

so if your site or hosting is not https:// you can use a site called Secure Banner Hosting - here's my affiliate link : ... =IMRandell

These guys will host your images for free and give you a https link you can promote in traffic exchanges all over the web. they even have an affiliate program check it out.

Anyway with these websites ive link to in this post and this bit info you can now go off and create stunning banners for any business and even maybe make some money passing on the service if your smart and savvy.

good luck.
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